Guitar Effects Pedals

Now that Blues is concentrating on doing T.V., Film, and recording sessions, he has switched to using smaller studio type amps. WHOA, What about his killer tone?

We close the year 2011 by introducing our latest pedal in the Dirty Boy pedal line.

This is a silicon based pedal with a built in booster. Some people will call it a Fuzz while others will call it a Cruncher.

This is a sound that we have not offered before. It is very powerful and probably the loudest pedal that I have ever heard.

If your guitar is too bassy, choose a high frequency to boost. If you have humbuckers and you wish a single-coil sound, choose a higher frequency. If you have a single coil and want to fatten it up, use a low frequency. The same goes with the amp.

This pedal can be used on a microphone for effects, bass guitar, keyboards, nylon electric, horns, digital mixes, the combinations are endless.

I build them with Germanium transistors that are about 40 years old and have smoth clipping, not with silicon transistors that have a tendency to sound like razor blades. Of course, I only have a limited quantity of those transistors so you may want to take this into consideration when ordering.

This pedal has been hugely popular with L.A. based studio musicians as well as Emmy winning producers. It is also great for live performances. These are true Bypass and have an insert for a 9-volt wall wart and have an LED as well for instant recognition.

Let me describe the pedal for you. It is actually a full on psychedelia thing, totally reminescent of the early 60s bands.

Imagine 2 totally separate sounding transistors and a blend pot between them. You can use transistor 1 or transistor 2 or blend them. Now we put a frequency selector in the front and we call it the master tone... At the output of each of those transistors we once again put a separate frequency selector. Mathematically that is 216 separate positions and were you to assume that there are 6 detents in each the volume and the blend pots, you would have then 7776 different combinations ( although I am sure there are some crossovers in there ) my point being that it is a total FACTORY of sound.

One of the great points of this pedal is that it is both a LIVE pedal as well as a STUDIO pedal. Once you find your favorite frequency setting, you mark it or remember it, and live that is the position that you would use as not to confuse anything. In the studio, where you have time to adjust, then you experiment and will find out that it is full of HAPPY ACCIDENTS.

As far as the sound, it can be much narrower then a wild fuzz since the clean signal sounds like it is re-introduced into the path and the notes are more controllable and defined. It also sounds kinda like a synthesizer or maybe like a weird sounding Kazoo but very cool. It can be totally over the top or totally mosquitoy.

I have designed yet another pedal for the new year. It is an octave fuzz.

This pedal is probably one of fattest Octave pedal on the planet. I always have been frustrated with the Octave Up pedals since they all sound so thin and the octave down pedals always get lost once the bass player starts.This pedal is unusual in more then one way.

For one thing, you can control the amount of signal going in with a pot and when reduced, the pot also acts as a tone control as well. The other pot on the pedal is simply a volume so you can control the signal going in as well as going out. As like most of my pedals, I have added a 3 position frequency selector which adds flexibility to the pedal. And if that wasnt enough you will find a smaller knob that when turned one way will turn the pedal into a straight and smooth Fuzz pedal, and if turned in the opposite direction will only add 50% of the octave with any increment in between. This is a totally Germanium pedal which is extremely stable. One must listen to the individual Soundclips as well as the Octo 59 Rock song to realize just how much this pedal can do. Oh and I forgot to mention that the Blend / Fuzz is controlled by its individual foot switch. This pedal has been in planning for a long time and has received extended testing. I am totally stoked with this pedal and hope you will be as well...

These pedals are being used by many high profile guitar players. I chose not to list their names since I did not seek their endorsement nor did I discount the pedals. And, I value their privacy. I am hoping you will take my word for it. Please E-Mail me for prices.

Once a year, I introduce a new pedal to my line.

There are many things that make this one different from any other in the line.

Now for the sound. I wanted to emulate the fattest lead sound possible and the smoothest ever. I kept thinking of Leslie West at his peak and how his guitar sounded like 3 guitars when he did his leads.

What makes this pedal different from all the others is that it is actually all about FIZZ.